A new grow kit every month!



BasilBox is a subscription box for garners, as well as people interested in getting into gardening! Each month we will send you a new fully contained grow kit. Each kit includes everything you need,just provide water and sun! In addition we will also include extra items from time to time such as premium fabric pots, modern plant labels and more!

Terms Of Service And Use

When subscribing to basilbox and using our website you (the customer) takes full responsibility on the usage and promotion of the products and the service as a whole. Basilbox LLC nor the owner is responsible for your actions that might be taken with the product. Use products mindfully and with caution, the customer is responsible for any incidents that may be a result of mishandling and misusing the product and/or service. we do not share or hold any private information such as addresses or card numbers, basilbox LLC is not responsible for any incidents regarding private information mishandling. use everything received with caution and care.